Academic Technology

Groton brings a tradition of thoughtful innovation to teaching and learning with technology.
Guided by teacher-defined goals for learning and instruction, the Information Technology Department supports student and faculty understanding and use of technology. 
  • Students learn to fluently navigate digital workspaces and modern media as a natural facet of their overall academic experience. Day-to-day use of collaborative tools and critical engagement with a multitude of perspectives create authentic opportunities for growth and reflection.
  • Teachers guide students to opportunities to connect their classroom experience with technology to both the ever-changing issues of the modern world and the enduring mission and values of the school. The IT Department works closely with faculty to build thoughtful connections across the curriculum.
  • Each student receives a Mac laptop managed by the school. This ensures that everyone has the same access, speed, and software needed for their learning and work.
  • Technology infrastructure is built into the campus, across classrooms in every discipline, and across the Circle to support teaching and learning. This consistent level of access, combined with the ready availability of the IT Help Desk, ensures that students have the support they need to accomplish their academic work. 
  • Teachers, coaches, and groups use our myGroton LMS as a hub with which to integrate collaboration, instruction, and learning tools appropriate to the needs of the discipline and the students. These integrations are supported by the IT Department in deep collaboration with teachers and students, responding to their individual and communal needs.
  • In addition to use in the classroom, students explore technology through extracurricular groups and independent study. Past projects have involved robotics, app development, video and broadcasting, sustainable energy initiatives, and data visualization.