Zebra Tales

Allen '24

Hometown: Baldwin Place, New York
Groton activities: Varsity hockey, JV lacrosse, Young Republicans head, D&I Group Member, The Circle Voice sports editor, Chess Club
Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: Honestly, it might sound cliché, but the closeness of our community at Groton really surprised me. Even as a Third Former (freshman) who was only able to be on campus for one term due to COVID, I still got to know everyone in my form and the majority of the Upper Schoolers as well.  
Favorite class: Environmental Chemistry with Mr. Maqubela. I learned a lot about chemistry, and the class itself was super relevant to current environmental issues. It was also a bit of a surreal experience being taught by the headmaster, who would constantly sprinkle in personal anecdotes along with his teaching. Being able to write and present an in-depth research paper on a topic of our own choosing was something I really appreciated.
Most memorable Groton moment: St. Mark's Day this winter for sure. What must've been the entire school pulled up to the OB (O'Brien Rink) to watch us play St. Mark's on Senior Day. The atmosphere was electric, and every time we scored, the crowd went wild. It was truly an unforgettable afternoon filled with community spirit and an amazing way to cap off the winter athletic season.
Favorite Dining Hall food: Undoubtedly the chocolate chip cookies. The cheesecakes might come in a close second, but there's nothing like coming up to the dining hall from late practice in the middle of winter term and seeing a tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies laid out in front of you.
Favorite place to study: The study rooms in the McCormick Library are my go-to place to study. It's quiet and the whiteboard walls help a lot when doing homework, but the noise and bustle of the Sackett Forum is only a short few steps away.

List of 9 news stories.

  • GBVH

    Thank You, Groton Hockey

    It didn’t feel real as the final buzzer went off. I looked up at the scoreboard. Groton: 1, Frederick Gunn: 3. It was over. We had lost. Words can’t even begin to describe the emotions going through my head at that moment.
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  • Occupying the Courthouse

    Court and the Constitution

    It was the loudest, most intense silence I had ever heard. At the front of the courtroom, U.S. District Court Judge Allison D. Burroughs sat, listening. To the right, the federal prosecutor looked on impassively, having just asked for a sentence of 37 months in prison. On the left, the defendant stood, supported by her court-appointed lawyer and doing her best to struggle through her final statement before her sentencing, the silence intermittently broken by her rapidly spoken Spanish blending in with the softly-spoken English of her interpreter.
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  • Let it snow

    Snow Day!

    Though we had several days below freezing temperatures, Groton hadn’t truly had a snow day––that is, until two Sundays ago.
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  • Team dinner after beating Thayer in a shootout

    Winter Tourney

    “I’ve only been here once before during my entire coaching career at Groton. Relish the chance to play for a championship tomorrow boys.”
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  • Undefeated

    Roll Zeebs

    Two weeks ago, when Coach Riley took the seniors on the hockey team out for a preseason dinner, we all shared a toast “to the most successful season in Groton history.” While it’s still preseason, we’re on the right track.
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  • The aftermath of the greatest Chapel Talk musical offering

    Le Festin

    From APUSH and Organic Chemistry tests to Biochemistry problem sets, college applications, and off-campus hockey, I’m not going to lie, senior fall has been a bit more than I expected.
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  • I still have no idea what's going on in this photo.

    Senior Bucket List

    I have seventeen major commitments in the next four days (Yes, Ms. Leggat, this is an exaggeration. No need to worry yet.). I need to spend twenty hours a week playing off-campus fall hockey on Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends. And I’m starting to feel a bit under the weather. Ah, it’s good to be back at Groton.
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  • A Day in NYC

    I admit, it was absolutely hilarious seeing Juice jump about 5 feet into the air in the middle of Times Square. Arjun ‘24, or as we know him at Groton, Juice, though he hates admitting it, gets easily startled, and when I saw him sitting on a bench in Times Square, scrolling through his phone and waiting for me, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to sneak up behind him and grab him by the shoulders.
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  • The Perfect Storm

    “How hot is it outside?” Even the cranked-up air conditioning of the 2018 Honda Civic couldn’t quite block out the sweltering heat.
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