Zebra Tales

Jamie '26

Hometown: New York City
Groton activities: Squash, Tabletop Gaming Club, Philosophy Club, Geography Group, Rocket Team, and Book Club
Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: While cliché, I was surprised at the level of connection that I was able to form with the community, including friends, dormmates, and teachers. Whether it was a class dinner, a dorm study hall, or a school dance, these experiences made Groton a true home-away-from-home.
Favorite class: While I have loved all my classes at Groton, Third Form English is a class that I will never forget. From the classic Their Eyes Were Watching God, to the more eccentric Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead, the class was always both entertaining and intellectual. I'll never forget the class dinners or the unhinged example sentences in the textbook.
Most memorable Groton moment: During the spring, we hosted a marimba band from the Maru-a-Pula School in Botswana. While we all went to the concert confused and not sure what to expect, by the end almost the whole school was on stage. The energy was super exciting and fun, and everyone was blown away.
Favorite Dining Hall food: The grilled cheese with tomato soup is exquisite.
Favorite place to study: I really enjoy working on the Circle in the afternoon.

List of 7 news stories.

  • A weekend in Philly

    Last Weekend, the Squash team made a 4 day trip down to Philadelphia to play in the annual High School Squash Nationals Tournament.
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  • Snow Night

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  • The Infamous Two Weeks

    The period between Thanksgiving and Winter, dubbed by students the two weeks, is infamous for being jam-packed with the rushed beginnings of winter sports, large numbers of tests and quizzes, and the Lessons and Carols Festival.
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  • Friday Night Lights (soccer edition)

    While there are activities every weekend, the Parents Weekend festivities are always of a greater sort. Often, the greatest of them all is the Night Game on the old turf, aka Coco.
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  • Simple Pleasures at Groton

    One of the best parts about coming back to Groton has been attending the clubs again. Club meetings can be some of the most fun times that I have on campus, and make the community even closer than it already is.
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  • Amazing GRACE

    I had the opportunity this summer to attend the GRACE Program which allowed me to spend time with my friends and get ahead for the year to come.
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  • Meetup 4000 Miles from Home

    You never know where you might find friends through happy coincidences.
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