Student Life


It is no accident that Groton alumni have assumed so many positions of leadership—in business, nonprofits, government, and many other types of organizations, big and small.
Leadership skills are purposefully instilled in Groton students and nurtured throughout each student’s years on the Circle. Even those who don’t think of themselves as natural leaders assume leadership positions as Sixth Form prefects—and come to recognize their innate leadership potential. Groton’s expectations instill confidence, an essential component of a future leader.

Groton’s prefect program not only makes every student a leader, but also makes the youngest students picture themselves as future leaders of the school. Second and Third Formers look up to the Sixth Formers who live in their dorms; they admire these older dormmates, get to know them well, and feel comfortable seeking their advice and support. Younger students may find it hard to imagine themselves as prefects, yet imagine they do. They know this leadership privilege and responsibility is coming, and they begin to prepare for it.

All Sixth Formers act as prefects in their dorms, but most also serve as prefects in other parts of campus life. They apply to be prefects serving admission, Chapel (and each religious group), choir, communications, the Dining Hall, global education, music, theater, and visual arts.

Also helping to lead are form officers, elected each year by formmates, and the senior and house prefects, who are elected by their peers to shape the direction of the school. The senior and house prefects are similar to student body presidents; these positions are considered an enormous honor and responsibility.