Student Life


Groton students build uniquely close relationships with their faculty advisors.
Most advisors have regular one-on-one meetings with advisees, as well as occasional group dinners or outings. Every Thursday morning after Chapel, advisory groups meet with their advisors for a brief check-in.

The advisor-advisee relationship is one of the most important at Groton, and graduates often stay in touch with their advisors long after leaving the Circle.
Students are assigned advisors when they arrive on campus. Each year, students may remain with their advisors or request someone new.

Advisors inform students of their grades, help them plan course selections, and address day-to-day issues. When necessary, they direct students to take advantage of school resources, such as peer tutoring, academic support, and professional counseling. Advisors often know students better than other faculty members and are the first point of contact for parents with questions or concerns.